Your Role as a Parent

Cub Scouts is a Family Activity
-  One goal of Cub Scouts is to support the family.  We give families the opportunity to share in activities you might not normally do together or have time to plan on your own.  We're sensitive to the fact that many of our scouts do not come from traditional two-parent homes. Whether a boy lives with two parents or one, with relatives or a guardian, it's all considered "family" in Cub Scouts. 
        How to help your boy succeed in Scouts: 
        - Be his Coach and his Cheerleader
        - Attend den meetings and pack meetings with him
        Work with him on projects
        - Actively support your den and Den Leaders
        - Encourage your son toward leadership roles like being a "Denner"
        - Support the Pack and volunteer to help
Cub Scouts is a Parent-Led Program
- One of the primary goals of Cub Scouts is to prepare boys to make a successful transition to Boy Scouts which is a boy-led program. Cub Scouts is parent-led because our boys are still young and still learning. They need adult support to make activities a success. From the Cubmaster to the camping team, den leaders and derby helpers, every volunteer is a pack parent just like you. There are lots of ways to help. The minimum we ask from each family is to support your den activities, help your scout sell some popcorn, and help with one pack event per year. Please also consider becoming an active member of the Pack Committee by attending monthly planning meetings or serving for a term in one of our pack leadership positions.

Helping the pack does have one side effect ... you just might catch the scout bug and fall in love with Scouting as much as your boys do.

Contact the Committee Chair or the Cubmaster for information about how to get involved.