Select Your Popcorn Prizes by Nov 15!

posted Nov 10, 2014, 8:25 AM by Pack 841 Webmaster
All scouts that sold any popcorn are entitled to pick either a Patch or a Pin AND a prize according to the sales level reached. 

For example, if your Scout sold $350 in popcorn, then he may select any prize under Level 5 for $250 in sales or any combination of prizes from lower sales levels not to exceed the $250 sales level.  Council Prize levels are determined by Council sales and any direct cash donations considered for Pack prizes should not be included.  Please email Popcorn@Pack with your prize selection or if you don't know your Scout's final sales total.  This information is due no later than November 15 otherwise prize selection will default to the Surprise Grab Bag for your Scout's prize level. Each Grab Bag will contain 50% more value than the other prizes within that level. Grab Bags for each level will be identical.  Click here to view the Prize Flyer from Denver Area Council

PRIZE SELECTION DEFAULTS - Prize defaults will be given to those scouts that do not send their prize of choice information. A patch will be granted and the following defaults will be assigned, depending on sales levels reached:
Level 2 - Prize #1
Level 3 - Prize #5
Level 4 - Prize #10
Level 5 - Prize #14
Level 6 - Prize # 18
Level 7 - Prize #22
Level 8 - Prize #26
Level 9 - Prize #30
Level 10 - Prize #34