Q:  How is the money used from this fundraiser?

A:  100% of the Pack proceeds funds our annual program.  This enables us to provide fun and interesting activities and opportunities for our boys.

  • Pack Events like the Pinewood Derby (facility, track rental, food)

  • Recognition awards:  belt loops, patches, and pins

  • Special Events such as the Blue & Gold Awards Banquet and the Family Camp-out

  • Trophies, event patches, and Scout incentives

  • Partnering with Parker Task Force by participating in their Food Drive and Christmas Outreach

  • Administrative costs the Pack incurs during the year (insurance, website hosting, facilities, rentals etc.)

Q: What is the breakdown of each popcorn Sale?   
  • 73% or more is allocated to local Scouting!  No other fundraising program can boast that!
  • 30% or less goes back to Trail’s End (the manufacturer)
  • Of the 70% that goes to Scouting, more than half goes back to Pack 841.
  • We also receive % BONUSES from the Council for meeting and exceeding our sales goals!

Q:  Is my popcorn purchase tax deductible?

A: According to IRS Publication 526, “If you receive a benefit as a result of making a contribution to a qualified organization, you can deduct only the amount of your contribution that is more than the value of the benefit you receive." If you purchase popcorn from a scout in Pack 841, you can deduct the amount above and beyond the actual value of the popcorn.  Since 73% of every sale goes back into Scouting, you can deduct 73% of your total popcorn purchases.   Military Donations of popcorn are 100% deductible.

Click here for a generic sales receipt you can use when you sell popcorn.  Use this receipt for Military Donations.

Q: Why should my Scout participate in selling?   Why not  just write a check? 

A:  It's all in the math. As a large Pack, we make more money per scout selling popcorn than we could make charging a fee.  Besides, writing a check may be easy but it doesn’t add much substance to your Scout’s experience if they are not involved in this team effort.  Additionally, not all families are able to contribute several hundred dollars above & beyond their annual dues to sufficiently meet our projected budget every year.  This fundraiser “Helps the Pack Go,” and working together makes it rewarding, fair, and fun.


This annual fundraiser does more than just make money for the Pack!  The sale is designed to give your Scout unique opportunities to put into practice the Scout Promise, the Scout Law, and the character skills they are learning.  These opportunities benefit not only him, but the Pack as a whole.  This fundraiser is an integral part of our Scouting program, and it takes all of us to make it a success!