King Soopers Pack 841 Reward Program

Parent Information Sheet    

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We all buy groceries and gas! If we buy them with Pack 841 re-loadable gift cards from King Soopers,
we get 5% back that can be used for Pack fees. How does getting free 5% back sound to you?


Pack 841 King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Gift Card Program FAQ

What is it?

The King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program is a way for pack parents to offset the out of pocket costs of scouting.  Every time total reloads hit $5000, King Soopers sends the pack $250. The funds are controlled by the pack and we pass the full value of the rebate on to you. 

Use it to pay for any cost associated with scouting:  pack dues, uniforms, equipment, camp fees, and the like.  Your scout earns 5% on every dollar you load onto your cards.

What do I have to do?
Just pick up a gift card from the Pack and load funds onto your card before you shop.  Reload at the register or the service desk. If loading at the register, inform the clerk you want to put money on your card before they begin scanning merchandise. Keep your card handy and reload it whenever you shop. Load any amount between $1 and $500 on any one card at a time.

Is there a fee to participate in the program?
The program is free.  When you pick up a card, you'll reimburse the pack for the cash amount that is pre-loaded when you receive it (usually $5.00).   $1 loaded on the card is $1 available at the register. There are no service fees associated with loading or using this gift card. 

Is this a credit card or discount card?
No.  These are re-loadable gift cards only available through the pack. Gift cards purchased at the store or obtained through another program will not earn Pack 841 rewards.

Can I use the gift card with my SooperCard or with other discounts and coupons?
Yes.  Once you load funds, use it just like cash at the register.  Use coupons and swipe your SooperCard when you check out for store savings and to earn fuel points. 

How much Pack credit can my scout receive?
5% of every dollar you load onto your gift card(s) is available to your scout to use for scouting costs  ($500 = $25 reward)

Are there any limitations on what I can buy at the store?
Cards can be used to purchase groceries, merchandise, and fuel from King Soopers, Loaf N Jug, CityMarket - any King Soopers affiliate nationwide.  At the pump, just swipe your card the same as you would a credit card. Your card balance will display on the screen. You may not use the card to buy other gift cards or for services (Western Union, money orders, lottery tickets, stamps, etc.)  Ask the service desk if you are unsure if your purchase is eligible.

How long does it take for pack credits to become available?

Accounts will be updated monthly to reflect your card reloads and we will notify you periodically with balance updates.

Is the 5% my money?  Can we get it in cash?
Yes and No. Pack 841 controls the funds received from King Soopers. If you are moving or leaving the pack, please use the funds before you leave.  IRS limits individual benefit to 2% of the pack's total fundraising per year so the amount you can use may be limited in a calendar year.  

Can I transfer or direct my credits to benefit another scout?

Yes - please speak with the Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Finance Chair about donating your reward.  Families with more than one scout in the pack share their account.

What happens if I lose my card or accidentally throw it away?

Protect your rewards gift card just like you would cash or other gift cards.  If a card is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, King Soopers or the Pack cannot guarantee the value of any funds loaded on the card. Contact the service desk at King Soopers for assistance and keep a record of your card numbers. If a card becomes demagnetized, you may not be able to reload it but you can still use the remaining balance at the register.  You'll need to pick up a new card from the pack. 

Can I use gift cards purchased at King Soopers for this program?

No.  You must use cards obtained through Pack 841 to earn Pack 841 rewards. 

Can I support more than one organization with the King Soopers gift card program?

Yes.  Cards you obtain from Pack 841 will be clearly labeled and reloads will credit the Pack account.  Since you decide when and how much you load at the store, you’re able to manage which card to use and where you want your reward to go.

Will a gift card ever expire?

Yes and No.  Cards with a zero balance for 90 days automatically expire and a new card would need to be obtained from the Pack.  Cards with even small balances remaining can be reloaded and used for purchases indefinitely.  Ask the cashier to leave a small balance on your card when you check out. Participants will be notified if the program is going to be discontinued.  Reloads performed after the program ends may not earn pack credit but funds on the card can still be used for purchases.

What expenses can I use my pack credits for?

  • Annual pack dues
  • Family camp
  • BSA summer camp registration e.g.: Magness or Day Camp
  • Registration fees for scouting activities, training courses, etc. 
  • Purchases from the pack like derby kits or t-shirts.
  • Uniform related purchases at the Scout Shop
  • Equipment, books, and supplies purchased from the Scout Shop
  • Similar expenses for registered leaders

What expenses are not generally allowed?

  • Personal items - sundries, food, concessions
  • Travel expenses, fuel
  • Non-scouting activities

How do I get started with the program and get a new card?

Use the link above to request a new card or email us at

How do I submit a reimbursement request or ask for my credits to be allocated?

Email a copy of your paid receipt and a description of the expense to  Special requests may require committee approval.

Where can I use my gift card?

King Soopers gift cards from Pack 841 are accepted at most Kroger affiliated stores throughout the U.S.  These include King Soopers and King Soopers MarketPlace, Loaf & Jug , City Market, Kroger, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Fry’s and Fry’s MarketPlace, Dillon’s, Smith’s Food & Drug, QFC, Food 4 Less, Owen’s, Hilander, Foods Co., Pay-Less, Cala-Bell, Baker’s, JayC Food Stores, and Littman & Barclay Jewelers.

Can I sell these cards in my neighborhood or at the office?

Please do not promote the program while in uniform. The program is generally limited to scouts and their friends and families. Give them as gifts or send one to a friend or family member who shops at King Soopers but please do not sell or promote cards to the general community in the name of scouting.  Any reloads on friends and family cards will be credited to your scout's account.