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The Pack 841 Uniform Guide

Pack 841 requires all scouts to wear an official uniform shirt with insignia.

The Pack provides the neckerchief, the scout handbook and pack t-shirt for all scouts.

The field uniform (aka Class A) is worn to all official Cub Scout events including Den and Pack Meetings. Consider buying up in size to accommodate growth. A medium shirt will be big at first but will fit most through 4th grade and some through 5th grade.  Boys should look neat and clean. They should wear a belt and have their shirts tucked in. Boys should wear the Class-A shirt with navy-blue pants, jeans, or BSA uniform pants. We discourage scouts from wearing multi-color shorts, athletic shorts, or track pants with the Class-A shirt.  Webelos may choose to wear either the blue or khaki uniform.

Click here for patch placement guides.   

The pieces of the uniform: 
  • Cub Scout uniform shirt with U.S. flag patch

  • Neckerchief - color matches the rank they are working on now

  • Neckerchief Slide  official gold-tone metal band or handmade neckerchief slide

  • World Crest patch 

  • Denver Area Council patch

  • Pack number patches in red (8-4-1)

  • Den patch (My Den # is ________)

  • Blue Web Belt  (cut to length allowing room for growth)

  • Jeans, navy-blue pants or shorts, official scout uniform pants (no athletic wear, please) 

  • Scout socks - optional

  • Rank-specific ball cap - optional

  • Red Patch Vest - optional  the vest is a great way to display activity patches at Pack Meetings.

  • Tan Webelos patch - for the Webelos khaki uniform (tan shirt, green pants or jeans, navy epaulets, Cubscout belt)

  • Webelos Colors - sleeve ribbons for displaying Adventure pins

Class B Uniform The Class B activities uniform is worn to events at a leader's discretion when there will be a high level of activity or potential for getting dirty.  

    • Pack T-shirt  (one provided by the Pack when you join - replacements and adult shirts are $10)

    • Jeans, pants, or shorts preferably in scout colors (blue, khaki, tan)

The Scout Shop

Shopping locally is easiest at first or you can shop online at  A new shirt with patches, belt and the neckerchief slide is going to run about $50. "Switchback" convertible pants are $25 and hats are $15. You may also find gently used uniform pieces at second-hand stores, on eBay or through other scouting families. Please ask us if you are interested in a secondhand shirt - sometimes pack parents make donations or they could have one pass on to you.

The Scout Shop   (Kipling & 6th)
10455 West 6th Ave. No. 125, Denver, CO, 80215.
Phone: 303-477-4830
Hours of Operation:  Mon 9am-6pm  Tue 9am-8pm  Wed 9am-6pm  Thu 9am-6pm  Fri 9am-6pm Sat 9am-3pm  Sun – closed