New Families

Welcome New Scouts and Families! 

You've turned in your signed youth application .... check
Paid your pack dues .... check
Collected your son's handbook, neckerchief, and pack t-shirt .... check
Wondering what to do next?

4 Steps to help you get started in Cub Scouting at Pack 841 ...  
  1. Talk to your Den Leader
  2. Read the Pack 841 Parent Guide
  3. Purchase a Uniform 
  4. Begin practicing for the Bobcat Badge. 

1. Communicate With Your Den Leader

After the Cubmaster assigns your son to a den, the den leader will be in touch to let you know the date, time, and location of your son's first den meeting.  Use the following link to access our volunteer contact list to contact your den leaders if you need to.

2. Read the Parent Guide

Click here to read the Pack 841 Parent Guide to learn more about the pack and scouting

3. Get Your Son's Cub Scout Uniform

Why wear a uniform? Whenever you see a person in uniform, you get a quick sense of who they are and what they do. Sports teams, police officers, fire fighters, even superheroes wear a uniform and so do scouts.  As a Cub Scout, you belong to a special group of people, you give service to your community, made a promise to do your best and be one of the "good guys."  Wearing your uniform is a way of saying these things to everyone who sees you.

Strategy to keep it all together
 - We recommended the strategy of keeping all of the pieces of your son's uniform all one hanger -- pants, belt, Class A shirt, neckerchief, slide, and hat - even the t-shirt.  This helps to keep items from getting misplaced and makes getting ready for scouts less of a challenge. To help keep belt loop awards from sliding off the end of belt, try clamping down on them a bit after putting them on. Neckerchief slides are the most common item to be misplaced. Securing the neckerchief with a rubber band underneath the slide can help it to stay in place.  Labeling items with your son's name is also helpful in case something gets lost at a meeting.

Where do all the patches go?  - Click on the following link for patch placement guides for Cub Scout and Webelos uniforms. Patches can be attached with needle and thread fairly easily or tailors in town will sew on patches for you for a few dollars. We discourage the use of patch adhesive products. They can be unreliable in the wash and can stain the shirt making it difficult to pass on to younger siblings or another scout. We recommend removing pins and other detachable awards prior to washing the uniform shirt.

Click here for Pack 841's Guide to the Uniform

4. Begin practicing for your Bobcat badge

The Bobcat badge is the first rank every scout earns no matter what age or grade they enter scouting.  The Cub Scout program is new and improved for 2015 and the Bobcat requirements have been updated as well.  All Cub Scouts will now learn the Scout Oath (Promise), the Scout Law in addition to the Cub Scout motto, salute, handshake, and sign.

Click here for Pack 841's Guide to Earning Bobcat

Still Need to complete a Youth Application?  Click here!